How to make Seaweed Fertiliser for your Garden

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how to make seaweed fertiliser uk

Seaweed fertiliser is amazing stuff. Full of minerals such as magnesium, potassium and zinc it’s a natural powerhouse fertiliser for ensuring your plants are in tip-top condition!

The best thing about this fertiliser is that it’s easy to make! Although if you don’t live by the sea you could make a natural fertiliser with comfrey instead.

How to make Seaweed Fertiliser

First up bring a bucket and some nets with you to the beach. Collect about half a bin full of seaweed. Remember, as you are using this for your garden and not eating it, pick up the washed up seaweed or if you do collect from the sea make sure you bring scissors and don’t over pick or pull up the roots.

Once you have enough bring it home and get ready to make the fertiliser. This bit’s so simple. Basically all you need to do is put your bin/barrel in place somewhere you can leave it for a few months and fill with the seaweed. Cover with water and place a lid on (although in all honesty we often don’t! put a lid on!). Leave the seaweed to ferment for about 8 weeks by which time it will smell horrible but be wonderful for your garden.

We have a handy little tap at the base of our fertiliser barrel allowing us to tap off as much as we need without getting any of the actual seaweed.

Remember that the seaweed fertiliser is really strong so dilute it well with water before using!

PS you can check out Becky’s vlog to see the seaweed being harvested!

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