Broughgammon’s Billy in a Box


The Billy Box contains a whole Cabrito (kid goat) fresh from our farm, butchered into cuts and ready for your freezer.

We run our own artisan butchery as well as hand rearing the goats ourselves, meaning you receive gold standard products that are high in provenance and ethics. See below for more details on the Billy Box.


The Broughgammon Billy Box contains:

A whole cabrito (kid goat) butchered into cuts ready for your freezer, as follows:

Front Quarter: 

Neck Fillets, Shoulder Roast, Diced, Shanks


Tenderloins, Loin Cutlets or Loin Rack, Goat Bacon, Ribs, Belly Roast

Hind Quarter:

Chump Chops, Chump Roast, Whole Leg Roast, Top Leg Roast, Bottom Leg Roast

While we aim to deliver within 2 weeks, please allow up to 4 weeks for your order.

Note: The contents of this box are vacuum packed and sent fresh in our insulated Wool Cool packaging (read more about it here).

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