Quick & Easy Meat Package

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Stock your fridge with our award winning produce straight from our North coast farm in Co.Antrim.

The perfect choice for those who love quick and tasty cooking! Containing easy and delicious cuts, all vaccum packed and labeled-they can be used fresh or you can freeze them.

Our produce is produced with ethical farming practices and rooted in the beliefs of Slow Food. We take the young billy kids and bull calves from the dairy industry where they would most likely be put down at birth. We then hand rear them on our farm. They are butchered in our approved on-site butchery and parceled up by our team for you. Our veal is all free range!

Owing to the artisan nature of our produce and small scale, craft butchery, processing of your order will take up to a week. Delivery is next day delivery via courier.


Scroll down for info on what’s in the box;

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The Broughgammon Quick & Easy package will include a selection of the following:

*Our Broughgammon Meat Boxes contain a selection of cuts depending on what we have available at the time of purchase. We try to give you a good mix of cuts to make your box the most delicious it can be! If you have a request please leave a note at the checkout and we will try to fulfil it.

Goat or Veal Sausages 

Veal or Billy Burgers (1x4pack): What’s not to love?! Easy to cook and loved by all.

Veal Mince: Ideal in Spagetti Bolognese or make into quick and delicious meat balls.

Goat Bacon: Our much loved taste sensation!

Note: The contents of this package are vacuum packed and sent fresh in our insulated Wool Cool packaging (read more about it here).

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