Irish Cheese Box


A selection of the best Irish cheese. The box contains 5x150g pieces of cheese chosen from our cheese counter here at the farm shop and a jar of homemade chutney.

Will include a choice of five cheeses from the selection below. We chose these at random but if you want a specific cheese plus let us know in the notes section of checkout.

Young Buck Blue A creamy smooth blue raw milk cows cheese. An interesting take on a stilton, its traditionally made and hand ladled to produce a rich, lingering flavour. 

Templegall An Apline style cheese made by the Hegartys in Cork using raw cows milk from their farm. Matured for 9 months. Sweet delicate and nutty.

Corleggy Smoked Drumlin A hard, raw cows milk cheese. Matured for a min of 2 months and smoked to perfection.

Corleggy Goat’s milk cheese Hard, raw goats milk cheese. Sweeter than a traditional hard goats cheese. Aged between 3 weeks to 4 months depending on the season.

Mount Leinster Raw milk cloth wrapped chedder

Cais Dubh A gouda style cheese with a sharper, tangier taste to traditional Dutch gouda. Made with raw milk, natural rennet and a black wax cover.

St.Brigid An organic raw cows milk cheese. Continental and German in style with a supple texture and savoury washed rind, Made by the Shinnicks in Cork

Ballylisk Triple Cream called the Triple Rose. It is a circular, white mould, single herd, full–flavoured cheese. Its decadent richness is balanced by salty, lemony notes. It is made from pasteurised cow’s milk with added cream.

Durrus Óg is a soft, young, rind washed cow cheese that has a thin A great alternative to Reblochon in dishes.

Kylemore Farmhouse Cheese a robust fresh flavour. The Alpine cheese method of cheesemaking gives a creamy, nutty and buttery flavour profile, with the flavour being enhanced the longer the cheese is left to mature.

Killeen Goat Gouda  the flavour is fresh, clean and milky, with a very slight lactic note in the finish. The cheese develops more fruitiness as it ages up to five months, and then gradually turns nutty.

Killeen Goat Gouda (5 yrs and 18 mths) As above, but with the extra age it takes on an extra deep nutty/carmamelly flavour at this age. 

Hegartys  Traditionally made Irish cloth-bound cheddar from the hegarty brothers in Co Cork aged for one year. Firm texture, nutty relatively mild, but still cheddary piquant flavour tones. Cow’s Milk.


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