Limited Edition Free Range Pork Box


A limited edition free range pork box fresh from our small farm in Northern Ireland. We have been rearing traditional Duroc X Hampshire pigs as well as some British Lop and Lop Crosses. They have been grazing on our cover crops, and vegetable residue in the old vegetable field as well as replacing the plough in the new vegetable field. As they are reaching maturity we are creating a limited quantity pork meat box. We hope you enjoy! Please scroll down to see what comes in each box.</p

Contents can vary but to give you an approx idea a box will contain:

1.2kg Pork Roast

2 x 500g diced pork

2 xpork chop

2 x 500g sausage meat

2x packs of 8 sausages

2 x packs of bacon



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