Rose Veal & Kid Goat Meat Box


The Broughgammon Veal & Kid Goat Meat Box will include a selection of the following:

*Our Broughgammon Meat Boxes contain a selection of cuts depending on what we have available at the time of purchase. We try to give you a good mix of cuts to make your box the most delicious it can be! If you have a request please leave a note at the checkout and we will try to fulfil it.

Cabrito Cuts: Chump Chops or Loin Racks-Simply season & grill! A tasty quick meal!

Steaks: Rib Eye, Sirloin, Fillet, Tenderloin or Leg-Pan fry for the tenderest steak!

Veal Escalopes: Our favourite! Try bread-crumbed and fried in butter as the original wiener schnitzel, or milanesa!

Rose Veal or Goat Roasts: Leg, Shoulder or brisket-Roast in an oven low & slow for the perfect pulled treat.

Diced Rose Veal or Goat: So beautifully tender, and versatile from cooking gently in a fricasse or stroganoff style to marinated satay skewers.  

Rose Veal Osso Bucco: One of the best know traditional dishes- its making a comeback!

The Broughgammon Veal & Goat Meat Box will contain a selection of cuts.

Note: The contents of this box are vacuum packed and sent fresh in our insulated Wool Cool packaging (read more about it here).

Orders are processed and dispatched when in stock. In most instances this will be the week following your order. However as we are a small farm orders can sometimes take 2 weeks.

Once you have received your processed email from us, delivery will occur via courier in the following 24-48 hours.

Chilled Deliveries are sent by courier with next day delivery as per the couriers terms and conditions. Arrival times being between 9am and 6pm. You must make sure you are in, as we cannot refund items for the courier being unable to deliver.

Dry goods are shipped first class.

Shipping fees include handling and packing fees as well as postage costs. Postage is included in the cost.

A zero returns policy is offered on all perishable items.

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