Sustainable Packaging

Our over-arching ethos is one of regeneration, and with our ethics and drive for sustainability, that carries into our choice of packaging too.

 We strive to have as low an impact as possible (and please if there is anything you see that we can do better let us know!) 

Sustainable packaging solution-
the 3 R's


We have been really thoughtful with how we use packaging in our business, reducing it down to the absolute minimum.


We have a reuse and return policy for all our packaging, and encourage you to collect it up for return to the farm (see below).


All our packaging is recyclable or reusable. For a breakdown see below.


Unfortunately as a society we’ve moved away from the days of open air farmers markets with butchery happening daily in front of us, with parcels of meat coming home in brown paper parcels. 

But we want to keep the quality of that traditional product in our ever-changing world, and that means circumnavigating the ever increasing supply chains, and bringing it straight to your door. 

We have explored the best options to bring you our wares in a manner that sees them arrive in the best condition, easy to use and in an environmentally sensitive manner.


We have a returns policy for most of our packaging, allowing it to have multiple uses before eventually being recycled or composted at the end of its life. 

We can take returns on the following: 

-Wool liners

-Ice Packs

-Plastic Bags

-Cardboard Boxes

To avail of this simply collect up 7 orders worth of packaging and email us to arrange collection by courier. 



All of our packaging is designed ultimately, if it cant be reused, to be recycled or composted at the end of its life. For a breakdown of the packaging that we use please see below: 

Woolcool Liners- 

These nifty insulators were one of our first collaborations. Woolcool take the underutilised sheeps wool from British farmers and produce an insulated box liner that is bio-degradable. Simply seperate out the LDPE liner (which can be recycled) and seperate the wool which can be used for a variety of uses or composted. (alternatively send this back to us for reuse)  

Cardboard Boxes-

 Our cardboard boxes are all FSC certified from sustainable sources and from recycled materials. They can be reused, recylced and are biodegradeable.  

Paper Tape-

Our paper tape is FSC certified from sustainable sources and from recycled materials. It can be recylced and is biodegradeable.


Occasionally we may include some sales material as well as a thankyou note. This is all on FSC certified material from sustainable sources and from recycled materials. They can be reused, recylced and are biodegradeable.

Plastic Liner-

Our plastic liners are made from LDPE. This means they are fully recyclable, or alternatively please return them to us so we can keep them in use until they are eventually recycled. 

Vacuum Pouches-

Our Vacuum pouches are our weakest link, but our viatl in ensuring that our product gets to you in the best possible condition and with a sehlf-life to prevent food waste. As these have been in direct contact with the food product we cannot reuse them, but they can be washed out and recycled accordingly