Sustainable Packaging

At Broughgammon sustainability is at the core of everything we do, and that extends well beyond our farming!

One of our biggest pet peeves in life is the waste that there is in packaging, so when it came to us setting up it was one of the first elements that we wanted to address, ensuring that we can deliver our first class produce to you, in a first class manor, and in a way that had as minimum a footprint as we could manage.


The Three R’s…. Reduce, Reuse Recycle.

The three R’s command many of our actions here on the farm, and whilst we have tested and selected packaging to deliver our products in a temperature controlled, food safe manor, it has always been against the three r’s as well. 

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Not only have we looked at reducing the amount of single use plastics, but we’ve also been balancing this against food storage capabilities, to ensure that as little food waste can occur. 


We have aimed to get as many re-usable pacakging components as we can


Our packaging is recyclable. 

The Result: 


Ice Blocks