Year of Food NI-Breakfast Month-Our Favourite Breakfasts

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broughgammon breakfast goat bacon

As the Year of Food begins, we are greeted with the Food NI designated Breakfast Month for January. Each month will see a spotlight shone on a certain aspect of local food and drink and we think January is off to a great start! Here at the farm we love breakfast! It sets us up for a long, busy morning and often becomes the tastiest meal of the day.

We usually have the same thing every morning which is:

The Broughgammon Breakfast:

2 slices of Broughgammon Goat Bacon

1 egg Poached

2 slices of homemade bread (one for the egg and one for having after with some Black Cherry jam)

1 cup of hot tea.

Goat bacon may seem a little strange to those who haven’t tried it, but we can assure you it’s absolutely yummy! Charlie, who was nose deep in Tim Hayward’s Food DIY at the time, suddenly had a eureka moment, curing bacon! So obvious, but we certainly had never heard of or tasted it before! After a few months of experimenting we finally settled on the cure and now we are selling our Goat Bacon at all our farmers markets! Since then it’s become a must for our daily morning breakfast.

Here’s some of other fave breakfasts to eat when we’re away from home:

What’s your breakfast must haves? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂

Need Goat Bacon now? Click here to order (we post to Ireland and UK)

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