Broughgammon Farm, from up in Ballycastle, is Happy to announce we trade as family butchers at Harrys Restaurant in Bridgend Ireland on the fourth Saturday of Every month

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Broughgammon Farm, from up in Ballycastle, is Happy to announce we trade as family butchers at Harrys Restaurant in Bridgend Ireland on the fourth Saturday of Every month, supplying a selection of our artisinal produce including:

1. Kid Goat Meat, also known as CabritoMutton or Chevron. Yes, its crazy to think that there is finally goat for sale in Co. Antrim supplied by our own goat farm and through our on-farm butchers shop. We’re making goat farming sustainable! If you cant make it to our market we do many more, so take a look at our online butchers, and if you’re still not sure we have lots of goat recipes to encourage your taste buds from our selection of traditional Irish recipies (you’d be suprised at it’s versatility!) Yes, Goat Meat for Sale, we do door to door meat delivery so order now and get next day delivery as soon as your order is ready!

2. Grass Fed Free Range Rose Veal. Again, mad to think people didn’t do this sooner! Rose Veal make the best steaks, sirloin, rib-eye and escalopes all available from our online butchers, its simple to buy meat online or down at you local market now! We have lots of Grass Fed Rose Veal recipes, with Irish SausagesBurgers and Stews. So if you fancy getting a gift from Ireland, why not do something different?!

3.Seasonal Wild Game including Wild Venison Meat, which our butchers can turn into wild venison steaks, but don’t worry if you aren’t sure how to cook wild venison we have a simple solution with our online recipes. We would also have seasonal wild pheasantswild duckswild rabbit meat, all great traditional meats, now considered exotic to many, readily available form our online butchers! So get some great game meats all online!

4. Hand Harvested Irish Seaweeds are one of the greatest products that Broughgammon Farm has to offer. Picked all along the North Coast of Ireland, mainly in Co. Antrim, it is just like the stuff found on the West Coast of Ireland100% Irish Seaweed. All our seaweed is a natural organic seaweed, suitable for natural skincare purposes or for eating. We would stock most varieties, including kelp, also known as sea kelp or Kombu, we also stock Wakame and Dulse. These can be turned into a variety of delicious seaweed snacks, like a wakame saladkelp caviar or sushi Nori. All our products can be found in their milled form, perfect for cooking with our edible seaweed recipes, like the dulse flakes. So why not purchase some organic skincare or natural makeup, or even buy seaweed to cook some sea kelp noodles, it is afterall a natural health food!

If you fancy you can ask for a hamper and we can throw you one together, for a super meat delivery! We would also stock a selection of 100% Irish Animal Hides and Skins.

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