Broughgammon Farms’ shop and contract butchery.

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Broughgammon Farms’ Farm shop and contract butchery.

Broughgammon Farm has the highest standard of food safety, contract butchery and customer service in our farm shop.

Salsa Accreditation for Farm Shop and Contract butchery.

Broughgammon Farm has been credited as a SALSA (Safe and Local Food Supplier Approval) Business. This means we go above and beyond standard food safety practice a level higher than the rest.


We thought this was a wise idea in a competitive market, but also it reiterates our beliefs of food knowledge. We love the fact that people can come to our farm and see the process start to finish, now we have the paperwork (and there is a lot of paperwork!) to prove our great intentions. Traceability is an issue, the horse meat scandal is evidence of this, and we are able to guarantee not only the quality of our products, but also the provenance.

This accreditation covers our onsite farm butchery, where not only do we process our own animals, that of the Cabrito, Free Range Rose Veal and wild game. But we also do contract butchery for others.

How does the contract butchery work?

Its a really simple concept, one that we have done for various groups, individuals and businesses. We have butchered lambs for the neighbours, cows for others, pigs for community groups, individuals and businesses. You name it and we have probably done it. So no matter what size of an outfit we are happy to help.

Contract Butchery case study- Blacks organic pork, for the Boxa.

We butcher Black’s organic pork for to be supplied to Rita Wilds Boxa scheme in Belfast, who along with ourselves got a recent accreditation as being a sustainable and intuitive business in the Belfast Food Network ‘who’s who’ section. The Belfast food Network is well worth checking out, as Belfast won sustainable food city of the year, but also because it echos alot of our own beliefs and ideas!

Farm Shop.

All of our produce that we rear on our farm, or harvest from the natural environment, is processed in our purpose built butchery facility. The fact this has SALSA accreditation shows our commitment to quality and safety.

Broughgammon has a farm shop, supporting both local producers and our own produce. The shop is open Friday 10am- 5pm and Thursday/Saturday by appointment.

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