Goatober & Why Goat is Great

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This year all of us here at Broughgammon Farm are excited to get behind #goatober- an initiative to promote goat meat and it’s story. Since we’ve been farming kid goats we’ve absolutely loved sharing the story about why eating goat is not only delicious but also sustainable and ethical too! Our friends at cabrito.co.uk have been running this month long goat-y celebration over in England successfully and we thought it was about time we got it up and running here in Ireland and Northern Ireland, especially since it’s Year of Food in Northern Ireland!

What’s Goatober All About?

#Goatober is the brainchild of Heritage Radio Network Executive Director, Erin Fairbanks, and renowned New York cheesemonger, Anne Saxelby. #Goatober is an annual campaign every year in October in the US. In 2010, Heritage Foods USA partnered with a dozen goat dairies around upstate New York and Vermont to purchase their unwanted males, who, as unable to produce milk for dairy products, are euthanized at birth. Over 50 New York City chefs agreed to feature goat on their menu for the full month of October including Gramercy Tavern, Babbo, Spotted Pig and Bar Boulud and the campaign’s success has continued to grow to year on year. Renowed restaurants such as The Jugged Hare in London, Romy’s Kitchen in Bristol, River Cottage Canteen, HIX in London. They will be serving up amazing dishes such as Kid Faggots, Parsnip and Burnt Butter Puree and Cornish Ale Gravy (The Twenty Six) and Grilled Merguez Spiced Goat with English Quinoa, Rose Honey, Whole Lemon Dressing and Yogurt (River Cottage Canteen).

Why is Goat Meat so great?

Not only is goat meat (or cabrito) so tasty-a bit like a tender, sweeter lamb. But it is also a waste product from the dairy industry. When we were looking at the goat dairy industry, prior to 2011 there was no demand or route to market for kid goat meat in Ireland, forcing the farmers to put males from the dairy industry down as a waste product. Crazy! We decided to put a stop to this by buying the billy kids off the dairies and rearing themselves.

The delicious kid goat meat is also low in cholesterol and fat, making it a healthy choice. To top this they are also highly efficient feed converters which means they could play a key role in feeding ever-increasing populations, as well as lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Where can I buy Goat Meat?

We sell our local kid goat meat from our on-site artisan butchery here in Ballycastle, Co.Antrim. If you aren’t close by we also can post out our meat-boxes to anywhere in the UK or Ireland just click here to get your goat-fix.

Other ways to get involved in Goatober?

  • We will be running our much loved Goat Butchery Course on Sunday 23rd October 1pm-5pm. The course will show you have to butcher a goat carcass and there will be lots of yummy cuts to take home too! If you are keen to get involved book a place now!


  • Use the #goatober on Instagram and twitter to share your goat based recipes with us and the rest of the Goatober team!

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