Goat Meat & Rose Veal at St Georges Market Belfast

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Here at the farm we’re happy to announce we now trade as family butchers at St Georges Market EVERY Saturday, supplying a selection of our artisanal and ethical produce including:

Kid Goat Meat & Rose Veal comes to St Georges Market

It may not be something many are that familiar with, but rose veal and kid goat are two delicious but underused meats. Rose veal and goat are both bi-products of the dairy industries. So, if you’re drinking milk and eating cheese you’re also creating the bi-product of baby animals.

Female calves and goats have a high value as dairy animals and are usually kept by the farmer or sold on but the males in the industry often dont have the same experience. Male calves can be exported, sometimes put down and sometimes fattened for beef. We take the male calves from our local dairies and extend the food chain by using these animals for rose veal. We rear them ethically outside (thus the name rose veal) until their 8 months old or so. The same story goes for male goats but in almost all cases they are put down at birth. Once we were alerted to this incredible waste we begun buying these billys and giving the diary farmers a much more positive alternative for the boys.

We’re now one of Ireland’s leading billy-goat farms, and have brought our produce to Ballymaloe, Michelin stared restaurants and even won best snack and highly commended at the British Street Food Awards! And now we are excited to say we will be selling our produce at St Georges Market in Belfast every week.

Kid Goat Meat

Also known as Cabrito, Mutton or Chevron. This meat is similar to lamb in strength of flavour. It’s tender and delicious cooked in curries, stews or as a roast. We sell all the cuts from tenderloins to legs as well as goat diced on the bone.

Grass Fed Free Range Rose Veal

Although veal (quite rightly) got an awful reputation a decade or so ago, things are finally changing for the better and now high welfare Rose Veal is encouraged by the RSPCA (check out this great article for more details). For us as ethical farmers it means taking calves off local dairies and raising them ethically and outdoors for a beautiful, tender product that ensures the best welfare for the animal.

Seasonal Wild Game

As part of our sustainable view point we love wild game. From vension to rabbits this traditional meat is full of flavour and wonderful to cook with. We only sell wild game so keep an eye out in autumn and winter for our limited edition meat boxes.

You can purchase our local and ethical meat at our Broughgammon Farm stall at St Georges Market in Belfast every Saturday, online through our meat-box shop and also at Temple Bar Food Market in Dublin on Saturday.

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