Offal Box


Containing a selection of Broughgammon farm reared offal from heart to liver. Offal is a delicious treat we are very fond of here at the farm. Full of nutrients and iron, offal is also said to be a great health food too! All our animals are a bi-product of the dairy industry here in Northern Ireland. Male kid goats and male dairy calves are seen as waste products and are often put down or exported abroad. We take these animals and rear them on our nature friendly farm. We butcher the carcasses here on-site in our artisan butchery. The end product is sustainable meat that has been reared with consideration to the planet and the animals and creates a closed loop system.

Goat meat, free range rose veal

Orders are processed and dispatched when in stock. In most instances this will be the week following your order. However as we are a small farm orders can sometimes take 2 weeks.

Once you have received your processed email from us, delivery will occur via courier in the following 24-48 hours.

Chilled Deliveries are sent by courier with next day delivery as per the couriers terms and conditions. Arrival times being between 9am and 6pm. You must make sure you are in, as we cannot refund items for the courier being unable to deliver.

Dry goods are shipped first class.

Shipping fees include handling and packing fees as well as postage costs. Postage is included in the cost.

A zero returns policy is offered on all perishable items.

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